BRISCO COUNTY is a rockin’ fun, and entertaining Country-Western Dance Band centered in the Sacramento area.

Brisco can cater to you whether you want to sing along, get out and dance, or just drink at the bar.

Come out and two-step, swing dance, line dance, cha cha, waltz and more, we got the songs for you.  We pay your country favorites.  Hope to see you soon on the Brisco train!


CINDY WOODS - vocals/guitars

Cynthia came into this world faster than butter melting on a hot biscuit.

After failing charm school for always being the gal with strings attached, her and her guitar set out for adventure. 

With one foot in the Mississippi and the other in an overpriced Prada boot, this sassy little ginger was ready to take on the world.

 Armed with a bedazzler and the yearning to sparkle like the sun, she headed west to the fruitful loins of California.

There was nary a man nor beast that could withstand her radiance.   When asked to croon for the boys of Brisco County, she jumped quicker than a bullfrog in June.

A straight shooter (just ask any of her old boyfriends you see with a limp) this feisty vocalist is ready to sing, twirl and strum.

A consummate performer, Cindy is our own Dixie Cousins!

JOE "Skeeter" SLUMP

Joe is the drummer for Brisco County, though he seems to have a strange obsession with banging on a cowbell.  (Maybe it’s a country thang)

We found Joe sitting in a seedy alley on a hot Las Vegas Night.  He was mumbling something about being fired from the Thunder Down Under Review for just being too sexy.   But all the dance lessons did Joe real good.  He can count to four (most of the time) and not even use his fingers!

We did try to throw Joe at of the band once.  He went out to the tracks and threw himself behind a train.

Joe was always destined to play drums.  When he was a little boy he told his Mother he wanted to be a drummer when he grew up.  His Mother told him, “well sweetheart, you can’t do both!”

Skeeters’ philosophy can be summed up as, “always be yourself, unless you can be a drummer.  Then be a drummer.”

SHANNON “Don’t Touch My Piece” NEWBOLD

Shannon plays guitars and runs the sound for the band.

Shannon was born and raided to Tombstone Arizona and destined for fame an early age.  Mom was a roadie for a Jerry Reed tribute band and his Dad was a short lasting contestant on the Gong Show. twice! It’s no wonder that playing the guitar came natural to him.

After flunking out of the Fresno Academy for Line Dancing, Shannon decidied to follow a new dream and become a guitar idol.  He spent hours studying all the greats by playing Guitar Hero.  Ready to move beyond the clackity clack of those plastic buttons, Shannon is now ready to shread some of the tastiest twangiest guitar licks in a way that would make Willie Nelson put away his blunt just to watch the show.

PHIL “Socrates” SMITH

Phil is the bass player that holds us all together.

With his trusty bass in hand, Phil is on a magical quest to bring his melodies to life. His fingers dance along the strings, like playful fireflies illuminating the night sky. Each note played resonates with a mischievous charm, “creating a harmony that would make the forest creatures sway and the stars twinkle in delight”.  His melodies weave tales of love, laughter, and whimsy, filling the air with an intoxicating potion of emotions.

Phil’s words of wisdom to Brisco fans is simple.  “Bass players never die.  They just hit new lows”.

Come out and experience the Phil Smith groove!




JAY "Lord Bowler" GEDEON

Jay is the lead guitar player putting out those special country hooks that you have all come to love and enjoy.

Jay has been in the music business his entire life.  His love for music started when scored a gig in Tijuana playing disco tunes in the late 70’s and he hasn’t put down that guitar since.

Between guitar gigs, he worked as a  ranch hand cleaning up after the cows.  But now as a premier member of Brisco County he no longer needs to look out where he steps, and he is able to keep his boots somewhat clean.

Jay’s prior gigs include playing in an Air Supply Tribute band, and as the musical director of a Brittany Spears cover band.  (You should see this guy dance!)

Jay is the musical director of this little project, always brings his “A” game and makes it his personal mission to bring on the fun.

To Contact us at (916)768-3254