Cynthia came into this world faster than butter melting on a hot biscuit.After failing charm school for always being the gal with strings attached, her and her guitar set out for adventure.   With one foot in the Mississippi and the other in an overpriced Prada boot, this sassy little ginger was ready to take on the world.

Armed with a bedazzler and the yearning to sparkle like the sun, she headed west to the fruitful loins of California.

There was nary a man nor beast that could withstand her radiance.  When asked to croon for the boys of Brisco County, she jumped quicker than a bullfrog in June.  A straight shooter (just ask any old boyfriend you see with a limp) this feisty vocalist is ready to sing, twirl and strum..

Jon "Lord Bowler" Mayfield

Jon plays guitars and keyboards for the Brisco County Boys.  Jon has been in the music business for his whole life.  His love for music started when he scored a gig in Tijuana playing disco tunes in the 70’s.  After losing his job cleaning up after the cows at the the Bishop Mule Days Rodeo, Jon moved on to guitar and pianos and has led a number of highly successful tribute band gigs.  He no longer needs to look down at his feet.  His prior gigs include Light Gas (a tribute to Air Supply) and more recently One More Shot ( a Brittany Spears tribute).   He now wears a new pair of (clean) Tony Lamas and laying down those tasty guitar hooks as only he can do. Jon is the musical leader of our party, always brings his “A” game and makes it his personal mission to bring on the fun.      


Shannon "Don't Touch My Piece" Newbold

Shannon plays guitar for the Brisco County Boys. 

Shannon was born and raised in Fresno, CA. and was destined for fame at an early age. Mom was a roadie for a Jerry Reed tribute band and his dad was a contestant on the Gong Show, twice! It’s no wonder that playing the guitar came naturally to him.

After flunking out of the Fresno Academy for Line Dancing, he decided to pursue being a guitar player full time. He spent numerous hours studying from the greats by playing guitar hero, and mastering the clickity-clack of those plastic buttons, he is now ready to shread some of the tastiest, twangiest guitar licks that would make Lou Rawls cry.

Ed "Socrates" Ary

Ed is the bass player that holds us all together.

An experienced and veteran performer.  Ed’s first bass was made of a washtub and rubber bands and it been onward since then.

Even with Ed being a country western guy at heart he continues to express his diversity by attending ladies night karaoke, doing naked air bass guitars solos in the mirror, and continues to claim the phrase, “Hi girls, I’m with the band.”

Ed’s words of wisdom can be summed up as, “old bass players never die, they just hit new lows.”

Joe "Skeeter" Slump

Joe plays DRUMS for the Brisco County Boys.   We found Joe sitting in a seedy alley in Las Vegas one night.  He was mumbling about being fired from the Thunder Down Under for being too darned old.  But all those dance lessons must have done him good cause he can count to four real good.  And that is how Skeeter here became our drummer.

We did try to throw Skeeter out of the band once.  He was so upset he went out to the tracks and threw himself behind the train.  Actually, Skeeter was always destined to play drums.  When he was a little boy he told his Mother he wanted to be a drummer when he grew up.  His Mother told him, “Well honey, you can’t do both”

Skeeter’s philosophy can be summed up as, “always be yourself.  Unless you can be a drummer.  Then be a drummer.”